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Monday, 2 April 2018

Literacy - our digital modelling book

Now that our class is digital, we have been innovative about the way we do things.  Our reading group shares a slideshow that goes for the whole term.  This is where Mrs Bellis puts the WALT and all the things we learn about in a lesson.  Often she has things there before our lesson so we can be prepared.  During our lesson we add as we are learning - we use text and photos of our whiteboards mainly.  After our lesson we usually have follow up, this goes on our slideshow too.  We have a whole terms worth of learning in one slideshow.  Each group has one of these.  This is Kapa Rua's Literacy for term one.  We are currently reading and writing narratives.  This week we described the character we are writing about and then we drew the character.  This slideshow will continue updating ans changing until the end of the term.  This means we can look back at what we have learned, check up on things, and make sure we are up to date.


  1. Kia ora Galilee,
    This is a great example of visible teaching and learning and one that I will share with other teachers and their learners. I really like how you have linked to your narratives and added photos from your discussions. It makes the process you have gone to really clear for the reader. I am really impressed with your artwork too. I tried to read your narratives but they aren't able to be accessed. Were you wanting these to be shared or are you waiting for the final edition?

  2. Kia ora Tania. Thanks for your feedback, it makes us feel like we are doing some fabulous learning! The narratives should be accessible, so I will talk to the children tomorrow and make sure they have the right sharing options on their stories.


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