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Monday, 20 November 2017

Arahura Marae visit

Today we were lucky enough to go and visit the Arahura Marae, what a fabulous day!  We learnt all the korero about the wharenui.  We sang a lot of songs and said our mihi and ate some tasty kai.  Wananei!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Muffin Creators Part 2

We got to use the kitchen at  the high school and finally made our muffins. Some turned out great and some a little different. We're going to ice them later this morning.

Monday, 13 November 2017

30 minute wearable art challenge

Today, half of the class was at District athletics.  The rest of us decided to have a bit of fun.  We had a 30 minute wearable art challenge.  We all had access to the same materials and we  had to come up with something imaginative, creative, NZ flavour and it had to have our team name on it.  Check out our creations!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Muffin Creators

In technology we are creating and designing muffins for 12 people. They have to be full of flavour and they need to be unique. We have some incredibly creative bakers and are looking forward to the final product that we are making next week.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Year five and six camp

Last week Our year 5 and 6 children went with Mrs Bellis to Westport for a two night camp.  We had a brilliant time and our days were jam packed with activities.  We also had a lot of night action with spotlight and Saint Patrick's got talent.   Some of our kids made a slideshow with pictures and videos from our camp.

Rona and the Moon

Last term we read the story of Rona and the Moon. We then all chose the job we wanted to produce a play. We had script writers, actors, scenery makers, programme designers, costume designers, music people, ticket designers and a website. Everybody got stuck in. It was a very busy week, but we are very proud of what we did.  We had a traditional script and a modern script.

Here is a full version of the traditional version:

Here is the modern version:

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Visit by Des Hunt by Nicole and Jessica

Today  Des Hunt (an author) visited.  He came to talk to us about his backstory of growing up and what he does whilst writing his stories.  He has written 22 books over the past 30+ years. One of the books that he talked to us about to us was his book,  The Last Tuatara, and how he wrote it and got it published. He normally wrote non-fiction books, but decided to start writing  fiction books as well. He wrote the book and sent his book to 7 publishers. He got 7 letters back and all of them said they won’t publish his book. He knew from this that he needed to re-write so that is what he did and it finally got published. After that he showed us some of his other books that he has written.  
His favorite book that he has written is Frog Whistlemine.

Des Hunt taught us that writing can tie in with many other different subjects and you can use chemistry for example to help you with your writing ! This really made me think of how I can change up the way I write  to make it more exciting. I could really improve my writing. He also used examples (metaphors) and experiments to show us ways of writing. It was a lot of  fun and I certainly learnt a lot from this experience.