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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Book Character Day

We all came dressed up as our favourite book characters on Friday. Everybody made a great effort and we all looked great. The teachers were very creative too!


  1. Hi my name is Elham from Gilberthorpe School.
    Wow they are really cool I wish I was in Galilee School.
    Was it Just this Class or other classes too?
    Blog you later!!!

  2. Hi my name Sita and I am from Gilberthorpe School!
    It looks like you had a lot of fun on that day I wish we done that!
    I really like the one where that girl dressed up as the hatter of Elis in wonderland she really looked like him just a girl version!
    I was just wondering, did everyone in your class do it or did some not?
    I hope you had fun doing it!
    Blog ya later!
    Au revior! ( good bye in French!!!)

  3. Buenos Diaz I'm Hannah N from Gilberthorpe school!
    It looks like you guys are having fun dressing up.
    I really love all your costumes!
    What were your favourite costumes?
    I hope you guys had fun doing that

  4. Hi my name is Cameron and I am from room 8 at Saint Patrick's school. Today I have a buddy and his name is Paul and we both like a one of your teacher who is dress up as pikachu. I wish our school could dress up as our favourite character. Was it just this class or were there other classes?


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