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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Dancing in the street


Last term we looked at David Bowie and some of his music. At the end of the term we had a great time creating our own dance to dancing in the street. The teachers put a challenge out to some of the year 7 & 8 children to create a video using all of the cuts and the backing soundtrack. Here are two interpretations, one from Lofa and one from Derek.



  1. Looking great,that is some wonderful dancing.

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  3. Kia ora St Patrick's,

    I really enjoyed watching your dancing in the street videos. They were creative and so interesting. The way you put the videos together was a very clever idea. I thought the scene was so cool, because you were dancing on cars. I think this was a very attractive video.

    Next time you could keep looking at the camera people around you. This would be better, because it creates contact with the audience. Thanks for sharing.

    - Molly Karoro School

  4. Kia Ora Galilee

    I loved how you all danced to David Bowie, it looked really cool. Did you have to come up with those moves yourselves or did one of your teachers choreograph it? How long did it take for you to learn all of that and was there a special occasion?

    The aspect that I liked was that yous all got up and showed your moves and all of you weren’t embarrassed or anything. I also enjoyed watching you dance and showing me some moves, and that you made it look like you were actually on the streets. Maybe you could look at the camera more.

    By Madison

    1. Hi Madison, each group made up their own moves, they had a great time. Thanks you for your comment and feedback.

  5. Galilee's news

    What a great way to end Term 1. Looks like lots of fun was had. It looked like you had fun on the back of the ute. By the way I think I know whose ute it is, Miss Whitmore, is that right?

    Next time you might do some of dancing on the playground and around the school. You might think about getting some of the teachers to join in.
    -Guy Karoro school

  6. Kia Ora St Patrick's

    I love your dance moves they are very interesting. next time you should do a cannon. If you don't know what a cannon is it is kind of like a Mexican wave. One person does this then the next person does the same move and so on.

    Your school is very creative! I have seen your other activities and they are very cool, I like Derek's edited video because it shows more of the dancing, but Laofs is awesome as well.

    By Matthew Mann

  7. Kia ora Lofa and Derek

    I really liked watching the videos. The costume of the policeman was really cool. I can see that your class worked really hard on this. Your videos were really attractive and I couldn’t stop watching. Lofa I liked how you made the introduction, it was also attractive.

    Next time maybe Derek you could show the full view of the dance. Also the dancers could look at the camera. Other than that I think it turned out well.

    Greanne- Karoro School

  8. Hi' my name is Abdalla and I come from Owairaka district school and I'm hear to say i really liked your dancing and music and how you all came out at deferent time's.

  9. Hi' my name is Arman from Owairaka District School and I liked the your dancing and the first music part great work keep it up.

  10. Hi My name is Brooke. I'm from Owairaka District School. I really liked your dance. Keep up the great work!!!


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